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Why whey protein?

Protein maintains and grows muscle mass, and the real benefit of active muscles is their central role in improving whole-body metabolism. Whey is the protein choice for active muscles because of its most efficient profile of amino acids.

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Whey protein naturally contains the highest concentration of Leucine


We pioneered protein in the European sports nutrition market, working with customers for nearly 20 years, to develop whey protein solutions for core consumers looking to gain muscle mass, achieve the ideal body composition, and maximise recovery.

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We provide market leading whey protein ingredient solutions and believe that when it comes to delivering quality, our products speak for themselves.

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About us

Produced in the UK and Europe, our range of Volactive® UltraWhey proteins have been carefully developed using a culmination of cutting edge technology and specialised industry knowledge spanning the past 50 years.

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We have a whole host of information we would love to share with you, including whitepapers, product brochures and snippets of information that we’re currently working on.

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