To achieve your best, you want the best protein

Whey protein has a complete profile of amino acids and the highest levels of leucine in a single protein source.

In physical activity, the primary function of protein is its role in improving the quality of active muscles and metabolic health.

Protein maintains and grows muscle mass, and the real benefit of active muscles is their central role in improving whole-body metabolism. Only when active, the muscles release a bundle of hormone-like substances, called the "exercise factors". These coordinate the function of vital organs, regulate the immune system, and enhance the function of its own muscle cells, maintaining muscle quality and high rates of energy production, so that we can continue to be active and healthy, as in a positive feedback loop. Whey is the protein of choice to potentiate the benefits of active muscles, as it contains the most efficient profile of amino acids that you can find in a single protein source.

Volactive Positive Feedback Loop


The more muscles you engage, the more protein you will need.

The best way to get the maximum benefits of protein is to split intake evenly throughout the day with a minimum of 20-25g (or 0.3-0.4g/kg of body weight) of high quality protein consumed at each meal.

Around exercise, the quantity of protein sufficient to maximise gains will vary from 20g up to 40g, the greater the muscle mass engaged (as in a full body workout) or the older the sportsperson is.

The whey factor

Whey is the protein of choice for muscle health.

Whey is the highest nutritional value protein source to support muscle performance and health. It has been the protein of choice for more than 50 years because of its high digestibility and complete profile of functional amino acids, mainly Leucine, the amino acid that triggers the make-up of new muscle proteins.

Whey protein has also a great potential to yield bioactive peptides. This is a new area of nutrition research demonstrating a number of additional health benefits that support or enhance muscle function and general health – watch this space.

DID you know?

Recent research conducted by Volac in collaboration with the University of Reading found that the peptides in whey may have beneficial effects for blood pressure.