Clear Whey. The Volactive® Way.

Volactive® Pro2O® Ready-to-Mix (RTM) is a top-of-the-range, low pH, and intact whey protein isolate. Tapping into the clear, ready-to-mix shake category, Pro2O® allows manufacturers to escape the flavour restriction of traditional milk-based RTMs by enabling the development of products using novel, fruit-based flavours, including citrus and melon.

Alongside the more conventional options on the market, e.g., vanilla or chocolate, Performance and Active Consumers can now explore a broader range of refreshing new taste experiences without compromising on nutritional benefits, such as high levels of leucine (10.4%) and BCAAs (21%) to support muscle growth.

Additionally, utilising agglomeration technology, Pro2O® offers consumers a product with superior mixability and improved foam dispersion, as well as delivering reduced powder residue, dusting, and clumping for enhanced flow and blending during the manufacturing process.

Premium Whey Protein Isolate
Superior Natural Benefits
Ease of
5X Faster Foam Dispersion
Improved Mixability

The superiority of Volactive® Pro2O® is clear…

Enhanced Consumer Experience
Volactive® Pro2O® offers an enhanced consumer experience by unlocking a broader range of refreshing new taste experiences, reduced powder residue, and clear nutritional benefits.

Unrivalled Functionality
Proven manufacturing benefits versus competitor ingredients: Ease of handling, Improved mixability, Five times faster foam dispersion than current market offerings.

Superior Nutritional Benefits
As an intact whey protein isolate, Volactive® Pro2O® has multiple metabolic health benefits over its hydrolysed counterparts.

  • High protein
  • Low Sugar
  • Fat Free
  • 24 month shelf life
  • Halal & Kosher certified
  • GMO & rBGH free
  • Manufactured in the UK