Tasty food with the benefit of high protein

Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious is a specifically engineered whey protein concentrate powder that can be used in everyday products such as ice cream, small format products such as squeezable pouches, bars, chocolate, spreads and fillings or cookies.

It is high in protein and imparts a luscious creamy mouthfeel and delicious neutral dairy flavour, with no drying aftertaste. It has proved a great hit with a new fast growing audience: the Active Nutrition consumer.

A growing market for whey protein products

Active Nutrition consumers are looking for whey protein products to incorporate into their everyday diets. They want rewarding taste experiences and healthy products without chalky grainy textures or dry aftertaste.

In informal blind testing Active Nutrition consumers showed a preference for ice cream and baked goods that contained Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious and loved the creamy texture and lack of aftertaste the product provides.*


Ice cream Bars

Volactive® Ultrawhey  has been proven to maintain the texture of bars for longer

Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™ absorbs minimal moisture during the first week of the shelf life, which you would typically expect, and over the duration no additional moisture is absorbed, making it the ideal high protein ingredient for your product.

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Ease of use in your processes

Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™ is the ideal ingredient for many applications. It can be processed at high temperatures and also enables higher doses of protein in small format products such as squeezable pouches. It can be added to existing recipes with minimal reformulation. Whether it is in bars, chocolate, spreads and fillings, cookies or ice cream, to name but a few, it is the perfect versatile, high-quality solution for developing tasty high protein products. We have an expert R&D application team who are happy to advise you on creating high protein, delicious products with Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™