in Application: Ice Cream

Delicious made possible with Velicious™– the natural ingredient for high protein ice cream

Specially developed, Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™ makes indulgent, low calorie, high protein ice cream possible.

An incredibly easy ingredient to use in the manufacturing process, no fouling, gelling or clogging of process equipment, Volactive UltraWhey Velicious™ is heat stable and can increase the protein content up to 20% without any impact to the sensory properties. Velicious™ is also ideal to use when reformulating as it is simply added with the powdered ingredients at the start of the manufacturing process, unlike traditional protein ingredients that must be added later at a later stage.

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Volactive® Ultrawhey  has been proven to maintain the texture of bars for longer

Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™ absorbs minimal moisture during the first week of the shelf life, which you would typically expect, and over the duration no additional moisture is absorbed, making it the ideal high protein ingredient for your product.

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