Velicious applications

Delicious made possible with Velicious

Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious is a specifically engineered whey protein concentrate powder that can be used in everyday products such as ice cream, baked goods, ready to drink shakes, smoothies, soups and many more.

It is high in protein and imparts a luscious creamy mouthfeel and delicious neutral dairy flavour, with no drying aftertaste. It has proved a great hit with a new fast growing audience: the Active Nutrition consumer.

Ice Cream

An incredibly easy ingredient to use in the manufacturing process, no fouling, gelling or clogging of process equipment, Volactive UltraWhey Velicious™ is heat stable and can increase the protein content up to 20% without any impact to the sensory properties. Velicious™ is also ideal to use when reformulating as it is simply added with the powdered ingredients at the start of the manufacturing process, unlike traditional protein ingredients that must be added later at a later stage.

RTD (ready to drink)

Velicious tolerates both heat and acidic conditions and therefore can be used to make protein-enriched drinks that have the taste and nutritional benefits of real fruit, plus the shelf life that only pasteurisation can achieve.


Volactive UltraWhey Velicious™ is ideal to use in baked goods as it only absorbs moisture on a 1:1 ratio unlike Traditional WPC which absorbs four times its own weight in moisture and continues to absorb moisture over life.

We have an expert R&D application team who are happy to advise you on creating high protein, delicious products with Volactive® UltraWhey Velicious™! For concept recipes, ingredient samples or for general questions please contact us.

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